What is the cost of not fully leveraging your Leadership Team?  

Lack of employee engagement is one of the key challenges for leadership teams and a big cost of not fully leveraging leadership potential. Research has shown that inspiring managers create more team engagement, and that 74% of employees are unlikely to leave a compassionate manager (Shuck & Honeycutt-Eliott).

I work in partnership with organizations to provide leadership coaching and solutions to meet specific organizational goals. I specialize in developing the financial leadership and team behaviors needed to become effective business partners and to drive the financial, strategic, and business agenda in an organization, with a focus on:

  • Senior Leadership (CFO, Controllers, & Finance Directors)

  • High-Potential Leadership Development

Every engagement is designed to provide measurable results using a proven process used by the top Fortune 500 companies. This process delivers measurable improvement in leadership effectiveness 95% of the time.

  • Individual leadership coaching helps develop stronger leadership and partnering behaviors, improves managing and delegating and team engagement, and creates greater leadership trust, presence and effectiveness.

  • Team coaching helps create a well-functioning and highly effective team, based on improved engagement, communication, ownership, and accountability. Team coaching includes individual coaching as well as facilitated group coaching and training. 

I utilize a range of self-awareness improvement assessments, including: 360 Feedback, Enneagram, Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI), Strengthsfinder, and more.

Sample Onboarding Coaching Engagement:

A new Japan based Senior Director had difficulty in her new position with team alignment, as well as influencing global headquarters. This put her in a difficult position as she felt pressure both from her team and the global business unit head.

A 360-degree feedback data and interviews were used to understand her direct report managers and other senior leaders’ perspectives. The 360 feedback indicated that she needed to raise her level of delegation, trust, and influencing skills to become a more effective leader not only with her team but also with global headquarters.

Coaching helped her focus on improving her personal vision and interpersonal competencies to significantly improve the alignment in her team and ability to influence global headquarters, resulting in her successful integration as the head of the business unit.